Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ikea Hacking



Easels typically come with one side whiteboard, and one side chalkboard. That's not so great when there are two trying to draw at the same time, the pens wind up on the chalkboard, which isn't good.

Well, one simple solution is to buy 2 easels, and swap! So now we have an easel with 2 chalkboards, which works much better. And the dual sided whiteboard will be used once we're more confident of pens in the living room.
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Anonymous said...

Budding artists or teachers, maybe both.

poppa said...

Does this mean that Poppa also has to figure out how to attach a second tray on the 'deprived' side?

Aunt Sharon said...

and did you properly post to the Ikea hack blog? You could win "Hack of the month" - especially if you can get the twins club to vote.

Nancy said...

What a great idea!! I'm a twin mom - I'd vote for your IKA hack :)

amy said...

This is a GREAT idea and will go far to solving "MY TURN" fights over the chalk board over here.

Tururu said...

Great idea!!
The next 10 january i´ll publish in my blog

regards from Madrid.